A.O. Esther

A. O. Esther (Aszódi-Ordódy Eszter; born March 7, 1974) is a Hungarian young-adult fiction writer and journalist. Esther is a bestselling author whose series of fantasy romance novels Shattered Glories have become a phenomenon in her native Hungary since their launch in 2012. The series has grown exponentially, including through social media, and now brings together a wide range of fans.

The series has been translated into English by Mark Baczoni. The first four English titles, Lost Souls, Torn Heart, The Beckoning Light and Breath of Darkness are now available on Amazon with a further four to follow in early 2015.

Early life...

A. O. Esther was born in Budapest, Hungary as the second children to Miklós Ordódy and Agnes Leidecker. She was raised in the 11 th district, in Budapest, with her two-years-older brother, Peter. Esther attended Budai Nagy Antal High School, where she became enthusiasm of arts. For many years she learnt art history and painting but later her life took her to another way. She worked as a fashion model a short period of time, because she was interested in the beauty industry, but quickly realised that it was not for her.

For a long time she thought she would be a musician because she loved music and she learned to play the guitar very quickly. In the high school she got into a band as a singer and a rhythm guitarist, but her parents worried about her. They told her the night life will destroy her soul. They wanted her to have a 'serious' job, so she attended BGF College in Budapest. In 2000 she received her diploma, as an economist.

In 2004 she signed up with Hungary's largest magazine publisher as a journalist. Over the next twelve years she wrote thousand of articles, portraits, interviews and reports in all areas. She also learned how to be an editor, and she learned the ins and outs of the publishing industry.

The turning point in her life was an amazing night, when she realised that she was pregnant with their second baby, Isabelle. That night she read a cautionary tale about a little angel who came down from heaven to humanise the evil devil of the hell. The whole tale was like a message that was addressed to her straight from the angels. She immediately knew the time had come and she had to write her books.

Esther met her husband, Adam Aszódi, when she was 30, and married him in 2007 when she was 33. Together they have two daughters. Adam Aszodi is working as a sales director at a pump trading company.

The Shattered Glories series

Shattered Glories (Hungarian title: Összetört Glóriák) series has been translated into English by Mark Baczoni. The first eight English titles, Lost Souls, Torn Heart, The Beckoning Light, Breath of Darkness, The Tree Of Life, Hidden Spirit, The Key Of Heaven and Viking Blood are now available on Amazon.

Subsequent novels

Following the edition of Shattered Glories (2012), Esther wrote two new series. Her first dystopia the "Touch of a Button" trilogy (Hungarian title: Gombnyomásra) was published in 2014, and her historical-mystical adventure novel, Frigg's Distaff (Hungarian title: Frigg rokkája) was published in 2015 in Hungary.

Inspiration from Angels

"My first memories in my life are about Angels. When I was a little baby, I always felt their presence and their candy smell. My mother told me a lot about them and I always felt that I had a special connection with them. And not only with them but with the nature. I understood the whispering of the wind and the messages of the shining stars. I heard the fairies' voices in the tinkling flowers and when I went home from the school, the old trees greeted me in the afternoon.

We lived in a house with beautiful, colourful garden, and there were all of the flowers, dragonflies, ladybirds, butterflies, little lizards and singing birds my friends. I always noticed and appreciated those things which most people pass along every day." (A. O. Esther)

Personal life

Esther married Adam Aszódi in 2007. They have two daughters together: Dorka and Izabella. The family lives in Biatorbágy, next to Budapest.


  1. Elveszett lelkek (2012)
  2. Lost Souls (2012)
  3. Thorn Heart (2012)
  4. Hívogat a fény (2013)
  5. Breath Of Darkness (2013)
  6. The Beckoning Light (2013)
  7. Az Életfa (2013)
  8. The Tree of Life (2013)
  9. Hidden Spirit (2013)
  10. A Mennyország kulcsa (2013)
  11. The Key Of Heaven (2013)
  12. Viking Blood (2013)
  13. Gombnyomásra I. (2014)
  14. Gombnyomásra II. (2014)
  15. Kristályfény (2014)
  16. Megbocsátás (2014)
  17. Gombnyomásra III. (2015)
  18. Frigg rokkája I. (2015)