About Elijah

When I started to write Shattered Glories series, I wanted to choose a special name for my Dark Angel. Although I knew angels’ name mostly ended with – ‘el', I didn’t want to gave him a traditional angel name. I wanted that kind of name what distinguishes him from the other angels. His extraordinary personality makes him a leader of the angels and the mortals as well, so in this way he needed a really strong, unforgettable name. Elijah – that was the first name that I recalled and because I believe in the divine inspirations, I kept it. This is a biblical name, so it goes well with my protagonist.

His figure was always seen with clearly, therefore, it was my pleasure when I accidentally found a photo abut Francis J Cura who looks like my Dark Angel, Elijah. (He is in the above photo and on my 3rd Hungarian book cover).

Elijah is a stubborn angel with a big sense of justice. God disowned him because he violated the law. He was against the heavenly law: he couldn’t forgive the mortals’ sins. He thought people are selfish, envious, liars and worship money above everything, so that is why they don’t deserve his help anymore.

After a heavenly battle with his brothers Elijah and his leaders came down the mortals’ world, but they couldn’t live here in peace. They erased those kings and rulers, who had too much power and land. Along the Red River they established their own empire with their own laws…They don’t forgive sinners. They don’t believe that people can change. They don’t give second chance to anybody...

In the first sight Elijah seems too strict and violent. He doesn’t know mercy and doesn’t want to understand others... until one day he found himself face to face with Sophiel. He had lots of women in his life during the centuries but never felt love. He doesn’t know the feeling when two souls can’t live each other.

Elijah is very wise, helpful and intelligent. He speaks every existing language in the world and open-minded.

His appearance is similar the immortal angel warriors: he is very tall, muscular and strong. He has black hair and deep blue eyes. His lips sensual and when he laughs two dimples appear on either side of his face. His voice is deep, and if angered, the energy of his anger darkened the sky. His skin smells like rain. (Every angel has a special, nice smell like flowers or spring-wind or honey). He wears black, it fits his personality. His horse, a huge shire is also black.

He honestly loves his brothers especially his best friend Bardo. They like drinking wine and fight for their truth against the word and against their heavenly brothers. Elijah is a charismatic leader, fearless warrior and an indestructible soldier. His weapon is the eight-legs flaming whip what works by his will. He got it from Sahranfer, the magus during the Massageta wars.

Although he must left heaven, he knows that his father loves him and in the bottom of his heart he believes that one day they might go home...